"Measuring the Radicalization Risk in Social Networks" is the first paper authored in the context of the project which has been accepted for publication in a scientific journal. The paper has been published by the prestigious journal IEEE Access.

Abstract: Social Networks (SNs) have become a powerful tool for the jihadism as they serve as recruitment assets, live forums, psychologicalwarfare as well as sharing platforms. SNs enable vulnerable individuals to reach radicalised people hence triggering their ownradicalisation process. There are many vulnerability factors linked to socio-economic and demographic conditions that make jihadistmilitants suitable targets for their radicalisation. We focus on these vulnerability factors, studying, understanding and identifying them on the Internet. Here we present a set of radicalisation indicators and a model to assess them using a dataset of tweetspublished by several Islamic State of Iraq and Sham sympathizers. Results show that there is a strong correlation between thevalues assigned by the model to the indicators.